Friday, May 27, 2011


Remember how I used to write here? Oh, those were the days!!

I'm planning to HOPEFULLY get back into that groove very, very soon. Very. But for the moment, I want to tell you about my travel adventures!

I attended Book Expo America in NYC this past week for work, and while I find flying to be one of my least favorite activities, I do have to say I did have an entertaining time.

My job was to tend to our booth, answer questions, direct people where they need to be directed and give/take business cards. Well, a gentleman sidled up to the booth looking for international distribution of his novel, but unfortunately, we do everything internally, and don't work with outside authors. Well, it was towards the end of the day, and I was curious so I asked him about his novel and learned that it is a western romance novel. And then? He gifted me with a copy.

AND THEN? I asked him to sign it, and he graciously complied.

So now, I am the proud owner of a signed copy of my very first western romance. And I'm gonna read the SHIT out of it.

Other than that the show was mostly uneventful. I enjoy attending trade shows and conferences, it makes life a little more interesting and I do end up learning a lot.

I was all set to fly home on Wednesday. My flight was at 10am (NYC time) and arrive home 2ish hours later, well I got to the airport WAY too early (which is fine, I prefer that) at 7:30am, and when I looked at the board a TON of flights to Chicago were delayed/cancelled, so I texted my mom and found out Chicago was being beaten on by terrible weather. At that time my flight was still on schedule.
Nervously, I kept checking, and it stayed on schedule. So I made myself comfortable.
20 minutes before boarding, I checked again. It was delayed an hour.
And then another hour.
And then another hour.
And then another 15 minutes
And then the fire alarm in the airport went up as I was dozing off. And then I had a heart attack, and died. Not really, but I might as well have.
And then I was delayed another half hour.
I finally got on the plane at 1:45pm NY time.
And then we sat on the tarmac.
Then we taxied to the runway.
And then we sat.
And sat.
And then the captain said that we were waiting for a reroute.
And THEN we took off, and the captain told us that we were going to have to go up through Canada (I waved!) and come to Chicago from the north. So the flight was (I THINK) an hour-ish longer than it should have been.
I landed, life was good, and I got on the monorail-y tram that takes me to my parking lot.
AND THEN the tram comes to a stop, in the middle of the tracks, and they make an announcement that we're having technical difficulties.
At this point I am just laughing and laughing, because this can't be real!
And we sat there for about a half hour waiting for a technician to board and fix it.
All the while, I'm stuck on this tram with a guy in real estate who is having a screaming match with his office.
AND THEN I got to my car at about 5pm, and had to drive home in rush hour traffic.

It was a ridiculous ending to a hilarious trip.


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