Wednesday, January 2, 2013

My New Life

In 2012 I blogged about 3 times.  I think all three were pregnancy updates.  That's sad.  It makes me sad.  Since then, my life has changed IMMEASURABLY.  Like, I can't even properly formulate the words.  But I can put it in pictures!!

Just born

6 weeks

2 months

3 months

Christmas (almost 4 months)

My life change is named Miles, and he was born on September 3rd.  I woke up at 5am on Labor Day to a contraction. 

I have to go on a tangent for a minute.  When you're pregnant and wondering what labor feels like, a lot of women annoyingly say "you'll know," which drove me crazy because I'm a research-oriented person and there had to be SOME sort of sign besides that!  Well, I'm going to have to give that annoying response to other pregnant women.  While I was pregnant, I experiences all sorts of aches and pains and cramps, and once I was full term EVERY ONE was an "OMG, WAS THAT A CONTRACTION?!?" But once I was in labor, I knew.

After that first contraction, another one came 4 minutes later.  And another about 5 minutes after that.  I kept track of them for 45 minutes, but they were never more than 5 minutes apart.  I had already started to move and get things organized, because I was sure we were going to the hospital and I was having that baby TODAY.

At 6:45 we dropped my dog off at my parents' house, and my mom looked at me and knew I was having that baby soon.  I was shaking, but still not panicked, hell, I wasn't even sure we would be admitted.  But on the 20 minute drive to the hospital I have about 11-ish contractions (I didn't really keep an close count), and one or two started to feel like pressure.

Once we got to the admitting desk, the ladies were joking with me about whether I was a "consult" or whether I would be "admitted". But after they saw me have a contraction, they immediately changed me to an admitted patient.

We made it to the room, and we requested the birth tub. But I was checked and I was ready to push, so I wasn't able to use it.  I had to wait a short while until my midwife arrived, but I was able to start pushing as soon as I was ready.  Compared to contractions, pushing was miserable.  I hated it.  In about 10 pushes, and about an 45 minutes - 1 hour Miles Sullivan made his grand entrance to the world. 3 hours and 30 minutes from first contraction to birth, 9lbs 14 ounces, 21.5 inches.

Since then, I've adjusted to being a mom, juggling that with being a wife, friend and family member.  It's a lot, but it's been a riot.  This little meatloaf has ruined me.  I'm so soft now.  Commercials make me cry.  His beautiful sleeping face makes me swoon.  I'm a total sap.  Which leads me to my most interesting life change...I quit my job.  I now officially stay home to take care of my babeh and my house.  I was just not OK with someone else getting to see him all day.  We're making it work financially, but it's scary.  Personally, I LOVE staying home.  It suits me.  But I can absolutely see why this doesn't appeal to some women.  

I'm planning to write SO much more this year.  I missed this.  A lot.  We'll see how it goes!
I hope everyone had a wonderful and healthy holiday, and here's to a lovely 2013.


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