Thursday, April 21, 2011

Upcoming San Diego Trip!

As usual, it's been many moons since I've last updated. But, like I said before, I've been totally entrenched in to-dos, git 'er dones, and, you know, things.

BUT! Here I am, on the home stretch. In 1 week Mike and I are traveling to San Diego to visit our longtime friend, Cam, and his awesome girlfriend Dawn.
A visit in October 2008

Chicago, October 2008

At a wedding in October 2010

After the October wedding

Cam and I have been friends since...7th grade? We met in band. So we've been friends for, LITERALLY 13 years? Oh, sweet lord.

Thanksgiving break 2006

After me and Mike's wedding ceremony, May 2009

Probably one of my favorite pictures. Ever.
Me and Mike's reception, May 2009

When Cam moved to San Diego in 2005, I promised I'd visit. I think I renewed that promise every year. But this year! This is the year. Plus, Cam is moving soon, so this is my last opportunity. They are opening their home to us for 5 nights, and I couldn't be more thrilled.

Cam and Mike from our wedding, May 2009

Mike and Cam after a wedding, October 2010

Gazing deeply at each other, Christmastime 2010

Embracing lovingly, Christmastime 2010

Friends, and warm weather (when we arrive on the 28th, it will be sunny and 69°!) and a trip to the beach and not working and food. I cannot wait!

This also means that I have 1 week to wrap up my massive lists. You see, at the end of March, I took a calendar and filled in the dates with all the tasks I needed to complete before this trip.
And it ended up being an insanely huge list. There are still many small things I need to check off - but in one short week, my list will have to be done.

And after San Diego? I have 3 days to prepare for a party. And after that? All my to-dos will be to-done, and then I can focus on enjoying my summer! And maybe blog more? I have so many house makeover related things to show you!

Already planned:
1 May birthday celebration
2 June cabin trips (one of which is a birthday celebration)
1 July cabin trip
1 Renaissance Faire Trip
HP and the Deathly Hallows FINAL MOVIE
HP tattoo?
1 trip to New Buffalo, Michigan for a birthday celebration



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