Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Frugal Valentine's Day!

Well! I survived the 2011 snowstorm...but it JUST keeps snowing.

I'm super excited because I just booked a hotel room at Hyatt Place in Schaumburg for Saturday. It's me and Mike's Valentine's Day celebration. I stole the idea from Rachelle, when she and Jay recently did the same in Oak Brook.

I'm SOOOO excited about this because it's the cheapest Vday EVER! The hotel was $78, we have a gift card for nearby restaurants, and Mikes Vday present will end up being free because of my vision insurance!

But, let me talk about Mike's Vday present. He LOVES glasses and kind of wants to start collecting them. Like one would collect beautiful shoes - Mike wants to have a variety of glasses to choose from. So, when Kyla Roma mentioned Warby Parker a while back, and I think again recently on twitter, so I started checking them out for Vday.

AND HOLY CRAP! The glasses are adorable, but they are also $95 across the board, including lenses and shipping/returns. On top of that, they offer a "Try On" option, where you pick 5 frames you like, and they send them to you for 5 days - FOR FREE.

These are the glasses Mike chose. They're amazing. And he loves them.

Funny story. We went out to dinner on Friday, which is when I gave him the 5 "Try On" pairs, and Mike wanted to wear the frames out. Well, since they're just to try, they just have clear non-prescription frames in them, so he can't see for shit.

We get to the restaurant and there's a 30 minute wait, so we head to the bar for a beer. Shortly, our little pager goes off, and I ask him if he wants me to wait while he pays the tab, so that he can see where I go.
Well, he assures me he'll be fine and he'll find me.
I'm skeptical at this point, but I wandered off to get our table.

I sit and I'm watching him. Because I know he's BLIND. He literally cannot see more than 10 feet around him. And soon he looks up to find me, and realizes he CAN'T. From across the restaurant I see the panic on his face because he has NO idea where I am. I was dyyyyying.
I eventually waved, but the panic was priceless.

My lord - this post makes me look and sound and feel like a cheap ass - but, saving the $$s is awesome, I don't care what ANYONE says


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