Monday, November 9, 2009


Dear Ashley,
I know you love short hair, but listen to me for a minute - YOU NEED TO STOP GETTING YOUR HAIR CUT.

This doesn't look good

Every year you cut your hair short, thinking it will make you happy, and it doesn't. You leave the stylist temporarily pacified, but within two days you're always longing for the ability to throw it in a ponytail. Your hair is too thick, too heavy and too coarse to be cut into a cute spiky style. Not to mention it does grow quickly, so very frequent trims become necessary in order to maintain it.

Here's the problem: once you decide to grow out your hair, you stop getting your hair cut regularly. You grow it out until the ends are split, and it looks heavy and lifeless. Next time, instead of drastically chopping it all off, get a style. Have it trimmed and shaped, and I PROMISE you will end up much happier.



  1. LOL!! Hmmmm I sometimes feel the need to write myself some letter too.

    But I definitely think that you look good with a bit longer hair than shorter.

    My hair was cut till my jaw line and now it is till mid back. I am happy with both. But yeah as Geminis we NEED to keep changing our appearances - or else we get B-O-R-E-D!!!

  2. Hi!! (I'm new to your blog, but wanted to de-lurk)

    I've lopped it all off DRASTICALLY twice in my life; once I was forced to as a child of 11 whose mother was sick of a tangled mop on a child who couldn't care less, and once at my high school grad, when I decided to do a pixue short cut instead of a curly updo like everyone else. I hated it both times and now I'm desperately trying to grow it long - but I straighten it every day so it gets to maybe just below shoulder-length and then frays and breaks and never actually gets long... but I'm so scared to get "trimmed" now (last time I ended up with a LOT taken off..) I'm just not doing anything at all!!



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