Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Halloween WIN!

So, Mike and I had planned to let fate decide our Halloween costumes by going to the store Saturday morning and letting the HUGE SAVINGS AND DISCOUNTS decide for us. But when we arrived at said store, everything was 50% off...starting NOVEMBER 1st.

Sadness overwhelmed us, we got irritated with each other, and ended up having a not-so-whispered argument in the middle of the store. But eventually we found $8 angel wings and a halo, and $9 devil horns that are applied with spirit gum. Our costumes were simple (I wore jeans, a white shirt, and sparkly makeup; Mike wore jeans, a white dress shirt and a red tie) and life was good.

Mike's family came over for about an hour, then our friends came over. No one get hideously drunk, we played Apples to Apples, they ate my chili and cut up vegetables. I was complimented on being a good hostess (which was a huge point of pride for me). We did a community shot of know, for solidarity. And life was good.

But, sometime between 8pm and midnight (four hours...remember this) I drank 3 drinks (including the tequila). I was never drunk, I felt fine, but at 2am, I got a hangover and yaked my guts out. Three times...presumably once for each drink?
Really, stomach...liver? Three drinks and you've had it?

That pretty much sealed the deal for me, I'm not even going to bother drinking. Maybe one beer, but beyond that we get stranded on Headache Island, and occasionally we'll wander through Yak City, which is a bad part of town.

Oh yeah! Remember how I said we were going to get internet on Saturday? I lied.
We planned on going through a small, local provider, and we found out that there is a line of large, mature trees that obstructs the line of sight between our house and their tower. The internet guy couldn't get a signal. So now, the only way we can get internet through them is if we install a 6-8ft tower on our roof. No, thank you. So now we have to look into something bigger like Comcast or AT&T. Any suggestions?


  1. Yeah, I'm not into the driking thing either. I'm sorry you get so sick though. Some people have a bad reaction to alcohol.

    Comcast isn't bad to use.

  2. Awww, I love Apples to Apples!
    Ha, we've mentioned it before, but meeee too. Christ, I have been getting so sick with alcohol lately! Luckily I have finally developed a taste for whiskey, which seems to be better for my stomach (it is, after all, the wise old housewife ingredient for all aches and sicknesses). But I cannot do beer anymore, nor vodka. And actually, Justin and I went to a French restaurant where we drank lots of red wine, and the next morning I was over the toilet! Strange...
    I used Comcast in Denver, I liked it just fine. It was a bit of a hassle when I was moving back to Chicago (lots of steps to permanently close an account and many misunderstandings on both parties' ends), but I never had a problem with them...

    A big one in Denver was also Qwest; all my friends used that, and I've just heard that they're now in Illinois (or, at least my cousins in Streamwood just signed onto them). Everyone in Denver's a fan, though I personally have never used them...

  3. We just switched from Comcast to AT&T and absolutely LOVE IT. We got U-verse. The internet has been much more reliable than Comcast and we get more channels for the same price - plus a free DVR. I'd suggest going to an AT&T store in person to talk to someone. I've had excellent luck with their customer service.

  4. I use AT&T, and I haven't had many problems with it. I also got a deal with DirecTV for using AT&T.

  5. haaaaaaa. i think that drinking thing means you're old. but it's okay. i'm old too. :)

    good luck on the internet thing. annoying. i have heard a lot of bad things about comcast, so i'd go at&t. :)

  6. I was just going to say it's called getting old lol!! I'm sorry you chucked :( but I have totally the same thing - 3 or 4 and I'm either sick or asleep :)



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