Friday, October 30, 2009

Books and Halloween

Saturday we're getting internet. So you will get inundated with pictures and posts and whatnot. Hooray. I was getting lonely without it.

On a different note, I finished reading Geek Love by Katherine Dunn. It was spectacular. It follows the Binewski Fabulon, a family of carnies and their uprising and demise. The Binewski children (Arty, Elly and Iphy, Oly and Chick) were all "created" by their parents using dangerous chemical cocktails to have unique genetic mutations. Arty, the Aqua Boy, Elly and Iphy the siamese twins, Oly the albino, hunchback dwarf and Chick... I'm not very good at writing summaries, and I couldn't find a good one that didn't give away plot points.

Be warned, it's not for the faint of heart. It's gross at times, shocking at others, but absolutely fascinating.

I wrapped this book up on Tuesday, I think, and then decided to re-read New Moon because my mom, sisters, Mike and I are planning to see the movie in the theaters after Thanksgiving.

My God, what a horrible transition.
Geek Love was a well written, compelling and intelligent novel, with a strong female narrator.
And then there's Bella. OMG, BARF.

I have a weird relationship with the Twilight series. I cruised through all four books last year, and the entire time I was reading it left a baaaaad taste in my mouth. I didn't like Edward, I REALLY didn't like Bella, the writing was poor, and their relationship was unhealthy. But I still read them.

I have no idea why I am putting myself through it again. But I am.
I'm probably going to complain about it the whole time.
I'm fascinated by the Twi-hards and the fanaticism for the series.
I'm going to power through, guys.

Unrelated to reading, the house is quickly getting into order - at least every room except our "office" (it's just a storage space for boxes right now), and the garage. The good thing about this get-together on Saturday is that it is forcing me to get my house in order. I needed a kick in the ass.

But, Mike and I STILL don't have costumes. We're planning to go to the Halloween store to see what we can find for 50-70% off. Any ideas for easy/cheap couples costumes?


  1. Ooh, I am SO gonna check out Geek Love at the library! I need a new novel to read. Re: Twilight...I didn't read the books but I saw the movie. I dunno. I pretty much preach the gospel of Buffy the Vampire Slayer so as far as vamp lore goes, Twilight is pretty far down on the list. I think the books are probably popular because for teen lit, it's edgy and different and intriguing (I wager--I haven't read them but judging from the movie...), and there probably just isn't enough of that in YA fiction today.

  2. Ok you KNEW I am going to comment, didn't you??

    I have to say something about the above post! :-)

    As you might have known I am a wolf pack lover. But I ABSOLUTELY agree with what you have said.

    The relationship is unhealthy, manipulative and irritating. Bella? Don't even get me started there, Edward is a 100 yr old virgin pfffft... Jake - he was the only one who acted and behaved like a normal 17 yr old boy. But again the relationship was unhealthy to say the least.

    I read them once and experienced so many upheavals in my emotional state that I have never touched them again. I am going to watch the movie. But no more books for me.

    wow... I wrote 2 more paragraphs but then deleted them. I can post a blog about them...!!

    Yay for Halloween parties!! Have fun!

  3. i LOVED twilight. i was a hold out. for a loooong time and so many of my friends (and my bloggy friends) were reading it and recommending it... so i finally tried it. i blazed through my roommates copies and went and bought my own. here's my thought -- i KNOW that relationship is unhealthy, but it's fiction, it's fluffy, it's fun. as long as people can differentiate between the fiction and the reality, i think it's harmless. i really don't understand how it's any worse than harry potter -- and i KNOW you're a huge harry p fan. but if kids understand that all the stuff harry can do is MAGIC and therefore FICTION, how is that different? i hope i don't sound like a bitch, because even as i read this i'm like "raeleigh, you need to find a different way to say that because you sound like one of the twihards" and i'm really not. i just really enjoyed the books and the movie. :)



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