Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Gross. I look like a zombie this morning.

I failed to wash my face before bed last night, and now I look like the dead, reanimated. Gross. Hahahha. But I couldn't help but share.

I've been totally neglectful of emails, and tweets and blogs lately because of the whole closing on our house. There were a bunch of last-minute sagas that I can't bring myself to relive yet, but we DID end up closing. On Friday. So all the papers are signed, we aren't as poor as we thought we'd be (pleasant surprise), and we painted the bedroom (pictures to come). This is the first time I've logged onto the interwebs since Thursday...crazy.

We closed on Friday and then started cleaning. Most of the skin on my hands has melted off thanks to bleach, paint, Goo Gone, nail polish remover and floor stripper, and along they way, thanks to the same chemical cocktail, most of my brain cells are dead and I can't breathe. WORTH IT.

The spiders that previously occupied the house are in turmoil because we're removing their nests, but sorry dudes, we don't want any squatters.

I've been off work since Friday in an attempt to try to clean and get our house set up so we can live there, but we're not quite ready yet. The bedroom is painted and cleaned and my parents bought us a fancy new Queen bed, and we slept there on Sunday night. But for all intents and purposes we can't live there yet.

The appliances, all 6 of them, are getting delivered on Saturday, and hopefully hooked up by the end of the day. We're also hoping some of our man-friends will be able to help move couches and futons and dressers and tables. I'm putting a rush on this because I still want to host a little Halloween get-together.

Additionally, Sunday night, after we've gotten our room set up, and we're getting ready for bed, I started crying, and crying and crying. I should be happy! Overjoyed that I am finally sleeping in the house we've been chasing and laboring after for so long. But I felt so guilty and grateful to my parents. My mom was at the house ALL WEEKEND painting and cleaning and removing stains, and my parents bought us a bed. ALL THIS after housing us and feeding us for over 8 months. I don't know how you can adequately thank someone for that. I felt sooo indebted.

And here's the thing about my family. WE love each other, and we know it, but we don't really hug, and we don't really say sweet, lovey things. We express love by being there for each other, asking questions about their day, and just generally expressing interest in our lives. We spend tons of time together, and drink daiquiris/bloody marys together. But we don't say "I love you", and that works for us. So, here I am, unable to really put into words how MUCH I love and appreciate the work and time and money my parents have put into us...so I had a meltdown. A sobby, snotty, hysterical meltdown. And the fact that I was sobbing, the first night in our new house, made me feel even worse because Mike was trying to make me feel better.

Eventually, I calmed, after many reassurances from Mike that my parents know, and are happy to help. And finally! FINALLY! We were able to sleep in a house alone, and enjoy the quiet that comes along with it,


  1. Yay, congratulations!!

    My husband's parents helped us out a lot too. This wasn't our first home, so we did do a lot of the work on our own, but they helped him buy his first home while he was in college, and they were there every weekend helping him to get it set up until it was livable (it was a major fixer-upper). Your family reminds me a lot of his family...they're not lovey-dovey either but they all just enjoy hanging out together and I think they express their love in similar ways, and part of that is helping. It's just what parents like to do :)

  2. Ohhh my. First off, congrats on the house. I know you want to have the Halloween get together, but seriously, for all things that don't matter for the party, take your time. I owned my first apartment and thought that everything had to be done right-now. But I made awful mistakes as a result. Not to mention I prefer antiques and vintage over brand new furniture and accessories, which can't be acquired all too quickly. Thus: go slowly, greet everything with timely love! (this will also save you many a headache!).

    Secondly, my family is the same way. I don't think I ever said I Love You to my parents until I was about 19! We stay out of eachother's spaces. But we're [usually] there to help out (my mother tends to be in her own world and doesn't often notice if someone is stressed or upset or having a breakdown). I'm sure your parents know how much you appreciate them, however. I've been living in my parent's house for 8 months now, too. And while I haven't really said Thank You a whole bunch or given them much in return, I try to help out with everything: cleaning, groceries, cooking, etc. And that, to my family, is a big deal. I'm sure you have done something to show gratitude!

  3. Husband and I lived with his parents for the first year of our marriage, and it was so wonderful to finally be in our own place. Things will settle down soon, and you'll be able to start living (mostly) stress-free lives. Can't wait for pictures!

  4. oh my heavens darling. breathe and have a bubble tea. it will all work out. :)

    congrats on the house! that is SO exciting!

    seriously. like you said. they KNOW how much you appreciate them. it's hard as a kid to ever make them understand how much you REALLY appreciate everything they've done for you. starting back with that whole "gave me life" business. flowers just don't seem to cut it, do they? :)



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