Friday, October 2, 2009


I've got a few things I want to blog about, but for the time being I am totally and completely preoccupied with the purchase of our new house.

We close in less than a week, and I want to make sure we are able to paint before we move all of our stuff in. Mike and I have spent two weekends at Home Depot, agonizing over paint colors, and dreaming about wood floors and granite countertops, and we've managed to figure out what we're doing with our bedroom. But the kitchen. Oh, the kitchen! It's a completely different animal!

So today, I've put together this little "inspiration board" of what we think we're doing.

The plates are our actual plates.
The white-ish buffet represents the white stain we're going to give the wood portion of our cabinets (the fronts are laminate, and we're hoping to replace them).
The colors are what we're both cool with.
The wood samples are what we eventually want to finish the floors with (Thank you, $8,000 tax incentive for first time home buyers!)
We want to put in little box shelving above the buffet that we'll use as a mini-bar
And the actual kitchen image is from Behr's website.

Unfortunately the countertops are white laminate. It's pretty ugly, but I figure we can live with it for now. But there are crazy tutorials online for refinishing your laminate counters...maybe I'll get daring someday.


  1. Ah, yes, the kitchen-fix-up ritual. Also known as, We Have This New House But We Actually Live At Home Depot phase of home-ownership. I know it all too well. I'm about to know it again because, 9 months after being in our house, I kind of want to repaint everything that I painted when we first moved in. I have color-commitment issues.

  2. I just found your blog. I love the dark colors with the white contrast. Although not too similar, my kitchen is green and white, too. We redid our kitchen last year. We had to. It was nasty.



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