Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Shut The Front Door

Guys. GUYS!

I've been so busy and so swamped. But I have topics I want to discuss with you, and they may or may not include:

1) Ex Boyfriend boxes - OMG, I went through one (it was hidden in the back of my closet) this weekend and it was a doozy!

2) Things I love. I've been making this list for a while.

3) My hair. I know, I know. I CAN'T STOP TALKING ABOUT IT. I'm planning to write an open letter to myself, for the next time I'm thinking of cutting it all off.

4) Where I live. I want to take you on a photographic tour of where I live. This will probably have to wait until after we're moved/settled. I like sharing, and you guys sharing with me. It's REAL nice. I do wish we could all have dinner sometime, yes?

5) I want to dabble in the realm of a mini-vlog. I don't quite know if I have the courage to look right into the camera and speak, but I'll cross that bridge when I get to it.

6) THIS INSANE DREAM I HAD. Do you guys ever dream about tornadoes? I do, realatively often, and a quick Google search let me know that tornadoes are usually dream-manifestations of upheaval, or disruption - which is right on target. BUT, in this particular dream, there was a Jim Halpert/Mike hybrid who was with me and wanted to marry me. It was very bizzare. I had wedding rings on both hands and we were trying to get away from the tornado. This isn't my first Jim Halpert love dream.
I think it might have to do with this picture I found yesterday:

(Image from

7) Have you been here? Have you seen it? Friend me. This website blows my mother trucking mind.

8) I'm trying to stop swearing. Son of a Biscuit. Mother trucker. Shut the Front Door. I need to adopt these.

8) OMGwecloseonthehousetomorrowWTF?!? It's been horrible. Which is why I haven't been around blogging or commenting. We were approved for our loan...with conditions. So we had to scramble all this week to provide proof that Mike was a student for all of 2007, and that a credit card that was flagged as an Identity Theft Risk was closed. It was really hard to get all that in a DAY, but we did it, and we're still on track to close TOMORROW.


  1. I just joined Heart-It and with a single photo (the cutesy kitchen one of yours), I have now decided to completely redo my kitchen. I'm going to rip out our old cabinets and do open shelving, and it's all your fault. Thought you should know. :)

  2. I share your tornado dreams. I have them all the time recently.

    I had an ex-boyfriend box...I burned it all...while Jordan burned all this ex-stuff. It was sorta fun...liberating...and it kept our toes toasty.

    I'm thinking about blogging again. But, it's one of those "once we get a house" sorta things. We'll see...depending on how long it takes to get the house.

  3. Congrats on closing!

    Also, vlogging is so awkward! I've never actually published one, but I've made attempts. It's odd talking to my computer screen.

  4. Shouldn't that be "OMGwecloseonthehousetomorrowSTFD?!?"


  5. we are destined to be friends, my friend.

    shut the front door is my favorite cuss.

    i also love we heart it.

    i have also blogged obsessively about my hair.

    i have a list of things i love on my blog. : )



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