Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Pottery, Pandora, Parties

I haven't written a quality post in a LONG time.
A few things
  • I am wearing green striped tights that make me look like the Wicked Witch of the West
  • I've been trying to use a gradual self tanner lotion on my legs and I realized I really like the way self-tanner smells.
  • I really want a dark denim mini skirt. But not too mini...just mini for me.
  • I'm accumulating things for my garden! I'll write about that soon. I'm really excited!
  • I've been planning my Kentucky Derby Party lately...anyone seen any cool blog posts about past Derby parties? I could use some more ideas.
  • I ALSO need a summery dress and HAT for my derby party. Where can I get something wonderful - for cheap!?
  • We're having grilled cheese for dinner. With Gruyere, and turkey and tomato.
  • DID anyone see American Idol last night? McCartney and Lennon songs? SIGN ME UP. I've now created a Pandora station because I forgot how much I luuuuuuuurve the Beatles.

Sooooo...Saturday Mike and I painted pottery at Color Me Mine with Rachelle and her man-friend Jay
Two of me and Mike's favorite people
Me and Mike.

Before we left we played around with Rachelle's new Canon Rebel.
And by "played around with" I mean I sat there, while Rachelle and Jay staged these.
This made me happy.

I made a frog scrubbie holder. My grandma always had one at her house, and when I saw that I could paint one I fell in love with the goofy son-of-a-bitch.
The colors are much brighter and lighter than it will be once it is glazed and fired. We get to pick it up on Saturday. I'm really excited to see how it turned out.

Mike made a tankard/flagon for his ale. He found a stamp of Santa Claus and covered everything except the hat in paint so it would look like a lumberjack type man.
THAT was when he was struck with inspiration for his brewery. He named the bearded man Dale.
And Beer Dale's Beard Ale #3 was created.

Seriously, don't steal it. I feel pretty confident that I'll end up divorced if someone steals it. Mike thinks the universe steals his ideas. Also, I feel pretty confident that in our old age, Mike and I will find ourselves shut-ins, wearing the latest in tin foil helmets. You know, to keep the government out.

My heart


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