Wednesday, April 28, 2010

National Runners Month

According to Dick's Sporting Goods, May is National Runners Month.

And even though I am currently wrapping up my Getting Healthy tenure, I think I want a new challenge.

I am challenging myself to run, EVERY DAY, through the month of May (well, through May 28. Because I'm going out of town for my anniversary, and I'm NOT going to kid myself.)
Is this too ambitious? Maybe.
But I suck at everything. I need to not suck at something.
I'm not forcing myself to run a particular distance, but just to run/jog every day. It can literally be around the block.

If, by May 15th, I am still working on this, and haven't decided to suck at this too, then I will register for one of these 5K races.

This is part of my May-ke (you see what I did there? May + MAKE! God, I'm hilarious) My Life Better initiative. Spectacular!

I used to be a runner, and I used to have fantastic legs. But now, it's a struggle to motivate myself to walk to my mom's. I'm over this. I want to be a runner again.


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