Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Derby Party

May 1st started my May-ke My Life Better initiative, and so far so good.

Among the things that I hope to improve:
  • My physical fitness
  • My time management
  • My interpersonal relationships
  • The running of my household
  • Our spending habits
  • Quality of blog posts
This is a large task, but I think I just needed that RESET to get things in order without getting overwhelmed by them.

Last Saturday we had a Kentucky Derby party. And until that silly party I wasn't really a person. I was a stressed out, procrastinating shell.
However, the party came together beautifully, and everyone looked wonderful.
Everyone, except my bro-in-law, Nick, who was graciously taking the picture.

I probably would have been more nervous and stressed about this shindig if my wonderful friends and family hadn't been so excited about dressing up. I was genuinely surprised.

My mom paid for a cleaning lady to come to my house a day before the party, and I feel like this plays a huge role in the RESET that has happened. My home is SPOTLESS (well, it WAS...) They got rid of cobwebs I never knew were there. They put away my dishes. They are amazing.

Me, sisters, Mom

Additionally, my ass was running SO behind the day of the party, my mom and sisters covered for me while I finished making food and putting on my makeup. They're pretty cool people.

Watching the Derby

Unrelated. I am 5'8 - so is Angelina Jolie. Mike is 5'11 - so is Brad Pitt. We're like the normal people versions of them. Duh.


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