Monday, May 24, 2010

My LOST analysis (SPOILERS)

DISCLAIMER: Do not read this post, or click on the link, or even skim any further if you haven't watched the LOST finale, or plan on someday watching LOST in the future (and don't want the ending revealed). This post is spoiler-city, and also my thoughts on the end of the series.


This is how I feel about the LOST Finale

YES, there was a beautiful emotional reunion.

I think they were too ambitious and introduced too many things that they couldn't explain/wrap up in time. There are too many story lines that they planted seeds for, and just left to die.

Don't get me wrong, it was a wonderful show, and the finale was great (if not too sentimental)
, but they DEFINITELY bit off more than they could chew:
telepathy, reincarnation, divine guardians, electromagnetism, purgatory, ominous warnings, good, evil, smoke monsters, temples, giant statues, religious symbolism from ALMOST EVERY RELIGION, magical light, sneaky polar bears, Dharma Initiatives, landlocked slave ships - I mean could this all cohesively come together?

My Anger:
WTF happened to Walt? And Aaron was supposed to be important, remember how the psychic (I think in season 1) FREAKED out when Claire wanted to get a reading, and he made a huge stink about how CLAIRE HAS TO BE THE ONE TO RAISE him. I assumed that's WHY she was on the Island, and Aaron would have this huge part (maybe become the next Jacob?) But...clearly not.

And HI! Remember when Ben took Lock to see "Jacob" for the first time. There was no one in the house, and Ben staged the conversation with Jacob...Then the house started shaking poltergeist style, and Locke hears "Help me" DO YOU REMEMBER THAT??

Also, anyone else have trouble swallowing the fact that UnLocke was killed so easily? I understand that he became mortal after the stone was unplugged, or whatever, but for HOW MANY YEARS was UnLocke the badass smoke monster? Did he lost his smoke monster powers when the stone was unplugged? And Jack and Kate manage to kill him? I thought that battle scene would be a little more epic.

Why, if this Flash Sideways business was a transition to some sort of afterlife, some sort of Limbo...would Kate still be a fugitive? Why would Sun get shot? And Jin be captured?
I mean Hurley was able to make the Sideways life more wonderful. Same with Jack (married/divorced Juliet, who he has a nice relationship and a bright son with) Sawyer, manged to become a cop.

WTF was with the temple and the statue? With Dogan. Who built it? Where did it come from? Why did Jacob's presence on the island protect them? What was the rejuvenating water that drowned Sayid and then made him a zombie?

Was the weird and hokey LIGHT the electromagnetic radiation that has consistently been a part of the storyline? Seriously, this light nonsense made my skin crawl. And it would have been beneficial to introduce it sometime BEFORE the last three episodes.

It feels like the creators/writers of Lost started off with such great expectations, and high hopes, but quickly ran out of time.

The pace of the show started off well - meaning seasons 1 - 5 - but as we got to 6, it left me feeling like it was a clumsy sprint to the finish line. They introduced too many characters and new plot developments SO LATE that I never got the time to speculate or familiarize myself with them.

As someone mentioned in another article, it would have been nice to get more of a feel for Eloise, or Christian. Both of them were strange soothsayers who would appear randomly and drop some knowledge on the Island Folk before disappearing again into the ether. Even Charles Widmore. He was once the leader of the Island, but how/why did he get there? Did that get explained, and I've just forgotten?

It seems like I'm at the point where I'm so saturated with Lost (I've been rewatching the entire series for months) that my details are getting confused. Characters that carried weight are getting forgotten in favor of others that existed on the periphery.

I could go on and on and on about this, but I'm hoping that this blog post will put it to bed for me. I was satisfied (emotionally), but my curiosity was cheated. I invested way too much time in this show, and the mysteries of the Island to accept the finale quietly.

In short, I feel cheated.

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