Thursday, July 8, 2010


There is one event that I look forward to. Every. Single. Year.

Since I was 16 years old (or possibly younger), I've been spending at least one weekend per summer at the Rock River Leisure Estates in Edgerton, Wisconsin, with my nearest and dearest friends.

Rock River is like a gated vacation neighborhood. Most of the houses are trailers that sit on the land permanently, and have a deck, or porch built onto it.
This cabin actually resides on the same street I'll be staying! Vacation Blvd.

Basically, it's like camping - but not. Which, is exactly my type of camping.

The cabin we stay at is owned by my RL BFF and her entire extended family.
There's room to pitch a tent, a gravel lined fire pit, beds and plumbing inside the trailer. Down the road there's a general store, and a swimming pool with locker room and showers.
Best of all? There's a golf cart we can ride around the neighborhood at a neckbreaking 20 mph!

We go, we eat ridiculous amounts of processed meat, we stay up way too late, smoke too much, drink waaaay too much, drive the golf cart faster than it's built to go, and have an overall scream of a time.

And you guys!? I'm leaving tomorrow!



Best trip ever. It was Rachelle's 22nd birthday, and only girls went. It was also the night of the release of the last Harry Potter book. If you look closely, you can see the lightning bolt (permanent marker...) on my forehead.
We went to a bar down the road, and I wore the Harry Potter glasses the whole night. I also danced like a maniac. Trust me, I'm a riot when I'm dancing
(because I put my arms in the air, and wave them around like I just don't care...)

This was the year I decided that the plaid shirt I'm wearing was my "cabin shirt" - I wore it again last year, and I intend to bring it out again this year...along with two other plaid shirts.
Every camping adventure needs PLAID.
Before we were married

This was the most epic golf cart ride of my life.
I didn't win the lottery.
After we were married.

I am leaving tomorrow at 2pm - right as I get home from work. I have so many lists to make, and so many things to do! I need to be ready to walk out the door before bed.

I need to:
Make salsa
Make a sea salt texturizing spray for my hair
Pack for me and Mike
Finish laundry so I CAN pack
Pick up beer and Firefly Sweet Tea Vodka (try it with lemonade. It will change your life. Trust.)


Do you have a summer tradition that you're looking forward to!?


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