Thursday, July 1, 2010


Last night, I saw Eclipse. As we waited in line (after getting there an hour early...ugh) I realized that me, my two sisters and a friend, were the only people there that probably weren't dropped off by their moms. You know, because they were 12.

Before the movie started, I realized that, OMG, there was a very good chance I could see the Harry Potter trailer on the big screen! AND I DID. It was more epic than I could have imagined, and it made everything worth it.

My thoughts on Eclipse? It was better than the first two, and it kept me more entertained for the duration of the film. However, my unrelenting fury with the series remains. And I stand by the statement that Bella Swan is the least likable character ever. In a million, bazillion years.

But you know what? I'm a sucker for drama, and fantasy nonsense - so I'm going to read the books (and probably re-read them) and see the movies (and probably re-watch them on DVD) and power through. Because I've COMMITTED to this cause, and I need to see it to the end.

Things I could stand:

Taylor Lautner's bod that just. WON'T. QUIT.
I really don't feel like I need to elaborate on this.
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Robert Pattinson
The more interviews he gives, the more likable and adorable I find him. Self-deprecation and charm wins my heart every time.
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The Harry Potter trailer. More of this. Always and forever.

Things I COULD NOT handle

Edward Cullen
He has always infuriated me, and always will. I don't find him romantic, but I see how others could.

Bella Swan
I feel like it is commonly accepted that Bella is a ridiculous, co-dependent twit.

Especially on Rosalie. The character has WHITE BLONDE hair, WHY are her eyebrows BLACK? I found this very distracting, and continued to agonize over it for the duration of the film.

The awful makeup and terrible wigs.
I think this is attributed to the HD filming, but Ashley Greene's complexion looked terrible. You could see the makeup sitting on ALL of their faces.
And the WIGS. OH, sweet lord. Jackson Rathbone is KIND OF a hottie, but that AWFUL wig and those terrible pained expressions - he was difficult to watch.
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I started giggling, uncontrollably in the first 5 minutes of the movie when Edward sparkled. I FORGOT that this was part of the movie, and I LOST MY SHIT. C'mon, Stephanie Meyer...he glitters?
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My overall impressions? As much as I sound like a hater - I still get get excited when Twilight movies come out. I read all the articles about Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson's relationship. It's fun. Lighthearted, fluffy fun.


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