Monday, September 13, 2010

One of THOSE days

So today, I woke up in one of those moods. One where I feel like I am capable of eating babies. In fact, I used that very term when describing my mood today. And I'm not sure why.

Usually, I can shake it. I can look at pictures of puppies, or read some of my favorite blogs, and it will fade right quick. But today? This mood has really dug itself in, and doesn't seem to be budging. EVEN after I tried to placate it with a delicious Take5 bar. It seems as though I am on the verge of an Ugly Cry. Ladies? You hear what I'm saying?

But, I've got a plan. Tonight, I'm going to take Maddie: The Saddest Dog in the World for a leisurely walk. Hopefully, her joy will become my joy.
Then I'm going to make tacos for Mike, who will hopefully by thrilled by the prospect of OMG! TACOS! and his thrills will become my thrills.
This will be followed by cleaning the kitchen, and then I will feel accomplishment!
And then? I'm going to go to bed. Because there are some days that you just can't win, the the best option is to sleep on it.

But, tomorrow, I need to get it together. This can't overflow into another day.
On Tuesday I am waking up at 5am, and going for a walk/run (probably mostly walk), and then I am going to shower and wear an outfit I love and feel comfortable in.
I am going to put my new hair tousle-y spray in (it smells like violet, it's lovely) and make breakfast.
I am going to get out of bed on the RIGHT side, and I am going to be positive.
Because I am a GO GETTER, and a DO-er.


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