Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Bloggers and People that Blog

I feel like there are bloggers, and there are people that blog.

Bloggers are those who write, and advertise and network and are good at it.
Bloggers go to meet-ups and are people you may someday get to meet in person. They're the queens (and occasionally kings) of the internetz, and all of us their loyal followers. A single post garners 50+ comments, and their passages are shared via Reader, stumbleupon and Twitter. You don't know the ins and outs of their day, but you sew together a picture of their lives. Bloggers are impressive.

People who blog are like me...sometimes we are at a loss of what to write. Sometimes our posts are inconsistent, and ridiculous, and we struggle. We posts memes when we've got writer's block, and sometimes feel weird calling it "writer's block" because that's a term for WRITERS. We occasionally share Waaaaaaaay too much about our lives, our day and our pets. But that's ok, because we're pretty cool too.

But I do wish that more of the people I know in real life would become people who blog.
For instance, Rachelle blogs. Rachelle is my BFF since 7th grade, and thanks so the internet and cell phones we're in contact almost constantly, on top of that we usually see each other at least once a month, but usually more. HOWEVER, I find her blog posts to be FASCINATING because we don't talk like we blog. Like, we wouldn't have this conversation, right here, face-to-face.

And Katie, my BFF since HS, and thanks to distance and time differences and our mutual disdain for phone calls (haha), we don't get to talk as often as we would like. But she blogs, and I can read about her weekend and her feelings and thoughts. And again, I find it fascinating because people don't write like they talk.

I mean, sure, you can "be real" in your blog, but mostly I don't speak in full sentences, without punctuating them with "AWESOME!" or "SHUT UP!" They are filled with slang and pauses and verbal fillers.
Writing a blog post is closer to writing a speech or a presentation because it is so one sided. It can CERTAINLY open up a dialogue after you've read it, but by that point the author has said their piece.

In summary, more people I know in real life should blog regularly (if for no other reason than my enjoyment). That is all.


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