Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Reaaaaaaaaaaally random.

I stayed home from work yesterday, and I love staying home from work.
I love the quiet hours, and the TV in the background. I love making a to-do list and ACTUALLY getting things done during those stolen hours.

I'm confused, you guys. I wish wish wish I could expand on this here, but I can't.
Which is PROBABLY why this post is going to be really crazy and disconnected.

I have these dreams, sometimes, where the floor is melting underneath me. I think I looked up the meaning once, and it has to do with feeling overwhelmed or out of control. Duh.
I'm feeling exCEPTIONALLY disorganized lately. Our office has become a storage room - again.

I've been in the process of repainting one of our bathrooms (pictures to come...eventually) and it's turned into a much longer and much larger project than I anticipated (isn't that always how it goes?). Hopefully I'll get it done before 2012.

We also had a flooring place come over and give us an estimate to get laminate put in on our first floor, and HOLY SHIT - what a ripoff. He told us that our "Retail Price" was $13,000. For laminate. In a VERY small townhouse. Stop it. Right now. But, oh! Don't worry. He discounted us down to $5,400, which is still EXTREMELY high. Frustrating, frustrating.

I need to change my blog-life. I've been debating the switch from blogger to wordpress for a while. Maybe I'll get around to it? Let's add this to my ever-growing to-do list!
What I need to do, REALLY BADLY, is clean out my reader. I'm way behind on my reader (my sincerest apologies to those who I used to comment on, but haven't in a while...I'm getting there), and I want to clean it out - so if you're still here, still checking in on me periodically, leave me note, leave me a link, leave me something, and I'll make sure to bug you back.


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