Wednesday, December 1, 2010


So, my mom send me this badass video:

First and foremost, I love flash mobs. And I cried while watching this, because the music is AMAZING, regardless of the religion attached.

So, after watching it, I started to browse the comments, which was obviously a mistake.

While there were people praising the beauty of the music, the logistics and rehearsal that were obviously involved in putting this together - a good handful of creeps turned it into a gross religious debate.

Someone said this:
acts and celebrations of faith have their place in this country. And it's not where people are trying to eat dinner. If it was held in a public park, people would have the option of avoiding it. How can you be sure that everyone was enjoying it? They could have edited out the people who stood up and took their dinner else where. This fragrant (sic) act of flaunting Christ should not be so intrusive in our lives. They should have been more respectful of other faiths during their meal time.

And while I DO understand the point of view, to a very small degree, why is it about THAT? Why does everyone freak the FUCK out if they can smell religion in the air? THE MUSIC WAS BEAUTIFUL! Why can't it be left at that?

Beyond THAT argument, people started throwing Muslims under the bus:
...However, I wonder how people would take it if a bunch of Muslims did the same and sang God is Great in such a diner/food court. Would other have been offended? Free speech you say?

I hope not. I hope that no matter what religion you are, and what you believe, you can respect the beauty of the arts. Why don't we understand and appreciate each other better, and say "Oh yes, that was a beautiful song!" Rather than "Your God is not MY God, and I don't want to see or hear about YOUR God ever! Especially through song." Can't we all just get along? Can't we all be friends? Seriously.

My goodness, we're a country of crybabies.


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