Wednesday, December 15, 2010

A list of 7

1) I really like baking. And cooking. Like, a lot.
My favorite days are Sundays where I'm super productive in the morning, and then in the afternoon I make a delicious treat and a massive dinner (to be used for lunch leftovers)

2) I'm going to Oregon in February!

3) I miss Mike. He started a new role at work back in October, and since he's starting from scratch, he's been working really hard, and he ends up working late most nights. He's doing an awesome job, and he really loves the people he works with, and he feels challenged and fulfilled - so it's definitely not all bad.

4) I'm doing a great job of being Christmas-y and festive! My house is decorated, I've bought 88% of my gifts and I've baked treats. I had a minor setback last week where I tried to go gift shopping and ended up in hysterics. But, I feel like that was more a result of a variety of factors. I redeemed myself by being ALL BUSINESS the very next day, and getting most of it done.

5) I feel like I need to re-think and re-vamp my blogging life. I have too many blogs that I'm trying to follow, so I end up following none at all. Now, I don't feel connected anyone anymore. It's sad really.

6) I watched 16 and Pregnant last night (I haven't watched it in FOREVER) and it kills me. Absolutely KILLS ME. How young they are. Well, duh, they're 16. But, it was shocking because when I was 16, I never saw myself as that young. Hell, I still feel 16.
Even before that I went out to dinner with my mother-in-law, my sister-in-law and by brother-in-law's girlfriend, and the two girls are in HS and were telling me about a junior at school who is pregnant with her second kid.
Mike and I are 26, own our own home, are financially stable and we're putting off having kids. Yet, teenagers are popping out babies like they're going out of style. Reminds me of the intro to Idiocracy:

7) I LOVE Firefly. I've heard about it years, and watched an episode or two in college, but never gave it the time it deserves. Mike and I played it on a whim and have fallen madly and passionately in love. If you've ever suggested it to me, a MILLION thanks. A BILLION.


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