Tuesday, May 12, 2009

No storms!

Tomorrow Mike and I are going to get our marriage license, and then...go to 6 Flags!! Because nothing screams "upcoming nuptials" quite like Raging Bull.

Unfortunately, we are supposed to have hardcore storms after 3pm, with thunder and lightning galore. The weather has been unpredictable lately, and the weather-people have been consistently off...so I'm hoping for another mistaken forecast. Do me a favor and cross your fingers too. I need a lot of luck

Additionally, my dress is done, and my mom is picking it up today. The bridesmaids and groomsmen gifts are thisclose to being done. Shoes are in the closet, perfume is in the box. Practice hair and makeup appointments have been made, so have their wedding day counterparts. Falling in to place.

Though I am very tired of being asked "HOW MANY MORE DAYS!?!" I mean it's cool and all, but blah.

I really have nothing to report, except wedding stuff (because 2.5ish weeks is a short period of time in which to cram a lot of overdue preparation). I'm better under pressure, but this will consume me until it is all over.

We paid off all our bills this month (with savings money...) so that we don't have to worry about them until after the honeymoon. We'll be able to repay the savings money soon, I hope. It is a HUGE weight off my shoulders to not have to think about whether we will be short on bill money because we're paying the florist.

I have a REALLY good feeling that after the wedding, things are going to improve SO much. Mike and I can work on getting our life back on track, finding a place to live, searching for dream careers. I can cultivate hobbies, and bring an end to my endless commute.

I'm optimistic, friends!


  1. Way to keep your head in the game :)

    It is SO NICE to have the wedding over...to just enjoy your new husband. And, things do fall into place...though sometimes it's not the right place (in-laws for 9 months for us)

    Things have a way of working themselves out. Keep plugging away...it's almost over...and then the fun really begins.

  2. Very exciting! Good luck with everything. Being that I am an hour or so from Gurnee, weather is not looking too good right now, but hopefully it gets better.



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