Monday, May 4, 2009

Giveaway win!?!

Holy Crap!

Let me preface by telling you about She's super badass. She started off as this twenty five-ish woman from California who planned to move to Chicago to become a lawyer. She was this worldly, sushi-eating, chic vegetarian. In the interim between California and Chicago, she moved home and met this man whom she refers to as Marlboro Man (who is a STRAIGHT UP cowboy). They fall madly in love and get married and she moves to his cattle ranch in Oklahoma. And now she is a wildly successful blogger.
Here's a link to her love story - it's compelling!

Well, as a wildly successful blogger, she blogs about homeschooling her kids, photography techniques, life on the ranch (which has successfully made me want to move to the country), and most importantly recipes. But part of what makes her successful is that she regularly does giveaways - $500 Amazon gift cards, Kitchenaid mixers, and most recently a Snapfish album giveaway.

The original Snapfish giveaway was sponsored by all you had to do was create an album, and 50 winners were randomly chosen, and each winner got 5 free Snapfish albums. Well, this woman has SUCH a following that her fans mauled the Snapfish server, and she had to create multiple group rooms in order to make sure everyone was able to register. In any case I was not one of the 50 winners.

However, she said that she was planning to go through the THOUSANDS of albums registered and pick some NOT random winners, who would receive a free Snapfish album.

Well this morning I log on and see the winners, and this pops up!

Long story short - My album titled "Me and Him" got chosen as most romantic.
Let me say - WTF? Awesome!

Thanks Ree!!


  1. Hey Ashley!!!

    Thanks to that Pioneer Woman I got to see you!

    It is indeed a very beautiful pic :-)

  2. Thanks for the thought!

    Believe me whenever I read that someone is searching for a job I always wish and pray that they find the same satisfactions and joy that I find in mine...

  3. Congrats! That's so great that you won something with an album that has so much significance to you.



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