Friday, May 8, 2009

Wedding Panic

It has completely and utterly dawned on me how MUCH I still have to do for the wedding (not to mention the other celebrations, birthdays, social gatherings that still go on). I had a mini panic attack this morning while I tried to get organized and ended up with 4 pages worth of various lists.
It goes without saying that I am running. Out. Of. Time.

I'm pretty terrified.

And just the other day, I was all "WOW! I'm starting to feel all calm and serene!" I was reading regularly, and I've started running again (Granted, I've only gone three times, but I bounce back into it quickly). Both of these things give me life.

But NOW! Now, I'm all a tizzy. Running around. Making lists, but not knowing where to start. Making more lists because the one I already made is disorganized (I've already made 2 versions of the same list today). Crap.

I think the most frustrating thing about the wedding is that almost ALL of my vendors are very...lax? The florist provided us with little suggestion/enthusiasm/guidance, but she is VERY nice. The pastor is all "whatever you want to do", which is great, but I would appreciate a hint or tip. The DJ seems irritated whenever I email him. The only person who WAS all over us with recommendations and assistance was the Venue Manager, but she got fired, so now we have a different lady who is still trying to learn the ropes - so she has no feedback to provide. It's very frustrating. Especially, because I'm very ambivalent about most of this, and I could be easily influenced. It would have been helpful to have been influenced, actually. I need some answers!

My mom suggested I start a wedding blog that kind of helps provide those answers. I wouldn't even know where to begin!

I digress.
I'm working on taking a half-ish day (I leave at 1pm) so that I can accomplish some of the errands I have, and start to check things off my list, and get them out of my life. Unfortunately, I don't have many days off to spare.

OH YEAH, and part of my panic comes from the fact that I CANNOT find my USB jump drive. It has EVERYTHING on it. My guest list (though, I have that saved multiple places) pictures of hairstyles, and almost ALL my wedding-planning materials. I thought it was at work, but it's not here. I haven't searched at home for it yet...but I'm nervous that I won't be able to find it.

Sigh. It'll get done. It always does.

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  1. Good luck!! I'm sure it's very stressful, but, as you said, it will all get done somehow and you will have a beautiful day!



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