Wednesday, July 22, 2009


I grew a pair today!

So - my boss informed me yesterday that I need to spend the weekend in Atlanta working a trade show. Originally, another assistant was supposed to go, but was no longer able because her on again/off again boyfriend's grandma died and she needed to go to the funeral. Very unfortunate for her...or him, as it wasn't her grandma. I'm totally covering for her, putting $600 on my credit card (to be expensed, but inconvenient, nonetheless) and working over the weekend. I mean, things come up, but I'm still cheesed about it...mainly because she's ahugegoddamnslacker, and actually faces NO repercussions for shoddy work, missed days, and falling asleep with her head down on her keyboard.

Fortunately I get to stay in a sweet looking hotel

Regardless, we have Sales Conference on Tuesday and Wednesday of last week, and originally I was going to miss 1/3 of it because I was going to cover the office (which I was already pissed about, but whatever...), but since I had to go to Atlanta, my boss asked me to cover the office the afternoon I return. Which meant that I would only actually attend 1/3 of it. This was infuriating for a variety of reasons, but mainly because Sales Conference is useful to me, whereas the goddamn slacker girl doesn't need it, nor does she WANT to go.

SO, the point of my story is...I grew a pair, marched into my boss' office and LET HIM KNOW that I would really like to attend Sales Conference, I find it helpful to do my job, and as I am ALREADY covering this girl's Atlanta trip, would it be possible for me to go on Tuesday. He gave me the thumbs up, and slacker girl is stuck in the office all day on Tuesday. Justice was (almost) served!!

Additionally, I was told by a little bird that I was being considered for an open position (which is actually a promotion) So, I talked to both my bosses, and they were SUPER supportive, and I submitted my application. Huzzah!

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