Thursday, July 30, 2009


So, I'm back from Atlanta. And in a nutshell, it sucked. I did, however, get to have dinner with one of my nearest and dearest as he passed through to go to Ranger school in Fort Benning, GA.

On a different note, who has two thumbs and got a promotion today?

This guy.

I even tried to negotiate a higher salary. What?! WHO AM I!? Of course, they shot me down, but I did get an extra 5 paid days off per year. YEEEAH. The HR lady, who I LOVE, told me that she was glad I asked, which made me smile a little bit bigger. So no more ridiculous ineffective managers, no more working on the most Sisyphean account known to man, and HOLYSHIT no more working in sales OHMYGOD.

My commute still consists of two hours in the car though...I'll work on addressing that eventually. Maybe now Mike and I can get cable in our future-house? HAH, I doubt it.

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  1. Woohoo! Congrats! The commute gets better when you have something worth commuting to.



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