Thursday, August 5, 2010

How to Install Google Analytics

So, I recently made a couple of changes to my layout. It's nothing exciting and definitely nothing to write home about - mostly I was just playing around.

But! I failed to realize that I need to reinstall Disqus and my Google Analytics tracking code RIGHT AFTER.

For my purposes and yours, here's how to make sure Google Analytics is working properly.

First, you have to sign up for google analytics. So go and click "Sign Up"
This is especially easy if you have a gmail account and use Blogger. Unfortunately, I don't have any info on how Analytics works if you are using something else (sorry!).

Then you have to find your TRACKING CODE. Here's what Google says:
  • Log in to Google Analytics at
  • From the Overview page, select the account that has the profile for the tracking code you're looking for, as the code is profile-specific.
  • Select the profile from the accounts Overview page.
  • From that profile's Actions column, click Edit
  • At the top right of the 'Main Website Profile Information' box, click Check Status
  • Your tracking code can be copied and pasted from the text box in the Instructions for adding tracking section
Now that you have your tracking code, head over to blogger and hit the "DESIGN" tab along the top, and then the "Edit HTML" selection after that.

Once you see all the HTML code, find "<*/*head*>" (without the *s), and paste your code BEFORE that.

Done and DONE. I hope. From what I've gathered (and correct me if I'm wrong) Analytics updates once a I won't know FOR SURE if all of this worked until tomorrow. But, hey! Fingers crossed.

Do you know anything more than I do? Do you have an easier method?


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