Friday, October 22, 2010

Books and Tattoos

First things first - Mike and I are going on a Ghost Tour this evening! And I am OMG-level excited. We're HUGE fans of Ghost Adventures on the Travel Channel. It's our ghost show of choice.

Secondly - My work BFF had her last day yesterday, and she's moving on to greener pastures. I am TERRIBLE with goodbyes. I cry like a baby. And yesterday? It was no different. She was set to leave at 2pm, and starting at ten minutes to 2, my eyes were watering, I was sniffling, and it only got worse as I heard her walking around saying goodbye to people. When she walked into my cube to peace out - I lost my shit. Overall, it was funny because I'm ridiculous and apologized, but I'm still straight up bummed that I she's outta here.

And FINALLY - the reason I decided to write a post...Books. And tattoos.

In my fantasy world, I would be able to get a full or half sleeve tattoo, and this tattoo would be my literary collage. Among the images I would hope to include: The Hogwarts crest, the lamppost from Narnia, the apple from The Giver, Roald Dahl images, Shel Silverstein images, etc...It would be almost entirely black and white line drawings, with splashes of color where appropriate. Goddamnit, I want this.

I was driving in to work today, thinking again about how AWESOME this tattoo would be if I were to someday get it, I started thinking about what other books, poems and short stories I would try to include - Time Traveler's Wife, Water for Elephants, Geek Love, Chuck Palahniuk, A Clockwork Orange, Lolita, Margaret Atwood - and I went on Goodreads to check out some of my other favorite books, and I've realized that MOST books end up being my favorite books.

40% of the books I've reviewed on Goodreads have received 5 stars from me...because I think authors are AMAZING. I could never be one, and people who do it, and are successful ASTOUND me. I've NEVER been able to review a book well, because unless it's extremely poorly written I usually have very few complaints - because THEY DID IT. They slaved to write a beautiful story, create background information, and in fantasy/sci-fi/etc sometimes create an ENTIRE universe. And who am I to judge?
(This paragraph does not extend to faux-authors like Lauren Conrad, The Situation, Heidi/Spencer - BARF.)

I just LOVE books. And I'm currently re-reading Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows to mentally prepare for November 19th! Although, I feel like NO amount of preparation could make me truly ready.

What are your favorite books OF ALL TIME?


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