Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Love, Like, Crabby

Originally, I had this list in the reverse order. But, it's better this way.

Things I am crabby about:

  • The sneaky holidays. I LOVE the idea of holidays, but the reality of them turns me into a Scrooge. Plus, it's October and then SUDDENLY IT'S CHRISTMAS!
  • My new cubicle. Most notably (at the moment) the fact that two pieces of my desk aren't aligned, and I keep clipping my elbow on the uneven corner.
  • Last night's Glee re-run. NO, I ABSOLUTELY do not want to watch re-runs this early in the season. STOP IT.
Things I am liking:
  • My commute has been WAY easy these days. Well, except this morning. It sucked a lot this morning.
  • My budget is semi-OK for the rest of the month. Almost. Maybe.
  • My blunt bangs. But they need to be trimmed some more.
Things I am LOVING:
  • The fact that we are getting $16,000+ worth of work done on our house for the low, LOW price of $1,000. Oh, I didn't tell you? Apparently, in addition to part of the siding falling off, we have HAIL DAMAGE. New siding, new roof, new gutters, new soffit, and maybe more? Thanks, insurance!!
  • This freakishly beautiful October. Normally, things are cold and rainy and hinting at snow. But, it has been sunny and UNSEASONABLY warm.
  • Bo Burnham.
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