Friday, January 7, 2011

Dear Ashley Version 2011...

In my last post, Brittney pointed out that I said I had a stangnant year, regardless of the fact that I DID a ton of stuff. But, here's the thing - every year since 2003, I've had some sort of milestone or dramatic event.

Let me explain:
2003: Started dating Mike, graduated HS and went away to U of Iowa
2004: Left U of Iowa, moved home, and Mike and I broke up
2005: Moved to Champaign, IL and started at U of I
2006: Moved in with BFFs and got back together with Mike
2007: Graduated college, moved in with Mike in Des Moines, moved back to IL and got my first real job
2008: Got engaged and signed my first year lease with Mike
2009: Got married, changed my name and bought a house
2010: Stayed married, stayed with my job, stayed in my house...

So, while I DID do a lot of things, as far as the big things are concerned, I maintained the status quo. But let me be clear! I am absolutely not complaining!

I think this may mean that life is leveling out, and instead of facing Big Uprooting Changes, I am working on refining what I've built and making my existence secure and comfortable and fun...before the NEXT Big Uprooting Change rolls around (kids?)

For 2011, I'm making few resolutions and one of them is to STOP making grand sweeping declarations and promises. I spent a good portion of 2010 CHANGING! MY! LIFE! and then not following through. I feel like 2011 should be spent, as I said, refining my existence. Not trying to overhaul, or force an square peg into a round hole.

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Dear Ashley Version 2011,
Please know that in order for a year to be awesome, it doesn't need to be dramatic.

Spend 2011 doing thing that bring order to your life, and make you happy. Spend 2011 making your house a home and continuing to branch out socially. Spend 2011 doing new things, and hanging onto the old things that bring you comfort and peace.

2010 was a year where you came to terms with what it means (for you) to be an adult. You learned to anticipate difficulties and stressors and to prepare accordingly. You finally understood that no matter how much of an old soul you feel like, that actually being an adult is a juggling act that takes practice - and you're feeling pretty good about it.

This is going to be a good year. Not because of any decisive actions, or huge plans, but because I am very fortunate. I am lucky to have this life, and I need to spend 2011 enjoying it.

Have a wonderful year!
Ashley Version 2010


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