Monday, January 3, 2011

2010: Year In Review

2010: Year in Review

January 2010
Hosted an NYE party.
Started off the year in a slump.
Wrote my anticlimactic 100th blog post.
Re-started watching Lost.
NYE 2009 to 2010

February 2010
I got frustrated with trying to balance life.
Started a DIY: Trial and Error feature on my blog, then never touched it again.
Gave some thought to who I am, and who I am not.
I took a cringe-worthy look at my old Livejournal
Went to New York City for the first time, and assisted in doing $1.2 million in business over dinner. Felt important.
Was chosen to write for the Demoiselles: Getting Healthy.
Had a winter beach party for my sister.
Brittany's Surprise 22nd Beach Party

March 2010
Kept blogging because of her.
I celebrated my 1 year Blogversary.
Put pictures of myself in my underpants online.
Mike and I outside of Color Me Mine (may have been April) with Rache and Jay

April 2010
I wrote a post that had the highest views on my blog.
Discovered that the siding on my house was falling off. Boooo.
Downtown Chicago for Lisa's Bday

May 2010
Hosted a Derby Party!
Got my car totalled.
My sister graduated college.
Finished watching Lost, and was INTENSELY disappointed by the finale.
Celebrated my 1 year anniversary!
Britt's college graduation
1st Annual Derby Party

June 2010
Finally felt ADULT.
Turned 25 and got a Butters.
Celebrated a triple birthday in Lake Geneva.
Lake Geneva Bar

July 2010
Saw, and then slammed Eclipse.
Went to the CABIN for the first of two trips!
Visited Massachusetts.
Attended my first Pride Parade.
Taste of Crystal Lake/Lakeside Fest
Eating lobster in MA
St. Joseph backyard on the 4th
Cabin trip #1

August 2010
Made my first vlog.
Made 4 Simple Goals.
Had a moustache-themed bachelorette party!
Lauren's bachelorette party - James Hotel

September 2010
Met some awesome people.
Mike and I opened up a conversation about kids.
Saw Dave Matthews and Jason Mraz at Wrigley Field.
Skydeck with Emily and Britt
Dinner at Goose Island with bloggers!
Pre-DMB/Mraz concert in Chicago

October 2010
Two of our nearest and dearest got married!
Found out two of our closest were expecting!
Lauren and Jeff's wedding

November 2010
Was forwarded a shocking newsletter from my old church.
Celebrated the release of HP7 Pt. 1 with another vlog.
Ate Turkey Testicles!
Parkside Pub - home of the Turkey Testicle Festival

December 2010
Civil Unions were legalized in Illinois!
I got festive. Really festive.
Lincoln Park Zoo Lights

Overall impressions
I made a LOT of promises, vows, plans that I DID not keep.
I wrote mostly when I was crabby and frustrated. I wallowed A LOT.
I did NOT write enough about the good and exciting and FUN things I did.
It seems like I relied on Rachelle to fill in what I skipped.
2010 was a good, but stagnant, year.


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