Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Groundhog Day. In so many ways...

I wrote 7 posts in the month of January. Seven. In 31 days. I'm sad about this. And only 3 of them were actual posts. I'm going to try to kick it up this month.

But I have a question. For you. Any one of you that may read this.


Seriously. I've been busy as shit all day. No time to check on favorite websites and blogs, let alone write my own posts. Barely any time to pay my bills and check my accounts. HOW DO PEOPLE WORK FULL TIME and still have a commute and keep their houses clean and their bills paid and stock an Etsy shop and hang out with friends and family and significant others? How do these SAME people still make time for TV shows, and facebook and twitter?? How does everyone still cook meals, REAL MEALS and make time for exercise and playing with pets?

I'm seriously at wit's end. I don't know how to DO all of these things. And I feel like a total failure as an adult.

I know I go back and forth - one day I feel like this, and the next make vows to take it easier on myself - but even on the days where I feel OK, I still feel behind and like I am missing out on some mystical instruction on how to make it all work.

My car needs an oil change, I need to do my taxes, I have broken coffee mugs in my backseat, I haven't facebooked or tweeted in forever, I haven't read or commented on blogs in forever, I'm behind on dishes, laundry, TV and sleep. I haven't seen friends in almost two weeks. I need new glasses, I need to make a Dr. appt, Maddie needs to go to the vet, we need to get our water softener fixed and to make it all even MORE exciting - We're running low on moneysssssss.

Sorry dudes.
I'm frustrated at my inability to get it together.


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