Monday, February 22, 2010

The Most Boring Post Ever Written and I NEED SUMMER

Per JamieAnn I am currently obsessing over:

- Tangerines. wonderful and delicious.
- Ikea kitchen makeover - OMG, doing my taxes today! (well, my preliminary taxes with Turbo Tax. If my results aren't what I want, then we're going to meet with a TAX MAN)
- Getting a new life **more on this below
- Getting Mike a new life **more on this below
- What I believe to be a piece of glass in the tip of my pinkie finger. I CAN'T GET IT OUT.

Wow...I am uninteresting today. I'm boring myself.

Getting a new life. Le sigh. We've been down this road before. A buncha times.
But, this weekend we went to a friends' house, they've just recently moved in, and their house looks lovely. Every room has been painted, their furniture has been arranged nicely, and their kitchen looked so put together. So naturally, I get home, and I start comparing. I start looking around MY house and I'm all, "UGH! This is awful. Let's move."

So, Mike and I start talking (and we both knew this would happen) and dissatisfaction with the house leads to dissatisfaction with ourselves for being so lazy, which leads to dissatisfaction with our jobs for being so time consuming, and dissatisfaction with myriad other issues (paychecks, commutes, friends, parents).
So, we need a new life.
Not like a quit-you-job-pick-up-and-move type of new life. But a new attitude.

Gross. This is boring. Every other week I post about it. Instead of talking about it, I should probably just do it, right? Duh. I'm....over it.

Mike does need a new life, for sure. He needs a career in video games. In creating them, or writing about them, or printing them, or selling them. He needs to be in that realm.
There's a studio right near our house which he has been investigating for a while. But does anyone have someone in their life in that industry? I would love for Mike to be in contact with someone who actually works in the field.

This is going to be a very long Monday. Much love to those of you in the same boat I am.
I need summer and I need it bad.

How's about this...I need summer because:
- I desperately need more salsas in my life
- Daiquiri, Mojito, and Margarita season. Duh.
- darkness at 5pm is soul-crushing
- I've fallen in love with the Renaissance Fair
- I'm more motivated to run outside.
- I get Summer Hours at work (I work an extra hour M-Th and then I get out at noon on Fri)
- shoveling kills me.
- My sister graduates from college and moves home!

I feel better. Why do you need summer?


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