Wednesday, February 24, 2010


I haven't posted about this yet - I've been waiting.

But I'm going writing for The Demoiselles Getting Healthy!

I've got an AUTHOR PAGE, you guys!

I Am Stoked

Unfortunately, for me, this means I've got to work out. Ugggggh. I've got a game plan, now I just need to put it into action.

In other news - my weekend is already gone.
Tonight I have to clean the house because...
Tomorrow (Thursday) Mike's grandma is coming over to see the house
(She's in the blue)
Friday we have Mike's brother's basketball game, probably followed by dinner.
Saturday I'm going over to my mom's for my sister's 22nd birthday.
(She's in the dress)
I guess I still have Sunday. But that's Sunday - a day of rest. Also known as Day of Pajamas


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