Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Things I Am Not. Things I Am.

I am not soft, or quiet or gentle.
I am not graceful or poised, nor am I a lady.
I am not complacent or ignorant, but I am not a big-picture person.
I am not good at long distance anything - friendships, relationships, correspondence.
I am not a fan of pomp and circumstance, and I avoid all types of ceremony.
I am not having an easy time managing my time, but I am not giving up yet.
I am not certain how I got to where I am; I am not certain as to where I want to end up.

I am a bundle of awkward angles and poking elbows.
I am a lumberjack in high heels and well-tailored pants.
I am ambling, tripping over my own feet, and making exclamations that would make truckers blush.
I am the leaver of long, arduous, repetitive voice mails, and I am wondering why someone allows me (and pays me) to do this.
I am lazy and unmotivated, and I am disappointed in these attributes.
I am well read, in tune with pop-culture, and trying to stay on top of social media.
I am learning who I am. Who I was. And who I will be.


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