Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Maddie in the Dryer

This...is Maddie in the dryer.

Please forgive the quality, it was taken on my cell phone, and the dryer light in the back is causing a glare.

Maddie is a Jack Russell and Rat Terrier mix. We got her on October 15th, 2007 from the Iowa Animal Rescue League. We went to the shelter with the intention of looking at cats. And definitely not purchasing a dog.

We wandered around for a little while, checking out cages but nothing jumped out at us. Until we wandered over to the corner. There was this SAD little dog, with huge bat ears shivering because she was placed near an open window, in October. She was quarantined because she had kennel cough. She was only 3 months old, and I know enough about shelters to know that sick animals are usually put down first.

We asked to see her, and she ran back and forth between us, SO excited. We were sold, and we brought her home that day.

Maddie's love affair with hot laundry started in Winter 2008. We lived in an apartment without a washer/dryer, so we would come to my parents' house every weekend to hang out, wash our clothes, and let Maddie run around in their yard with the dogs. Maddie is notoriously needy and attached to Mike and I, so when I would go into the basement to do laundry, she would follow.

As I took clothes out of the dryer, she would lay on them, and when I put more on top of her, she snuggled in like she was facing an arctic winter. Maddie is only 12-15lbs, so she's always cold, so I imagine this was like heaven. As time wore on, she figured out that whenever I go into the basement, it's HOT LAUNDRY TIME and every time I would go down there, she would get more and more excited.

Now, in our own house, with our own washer/dryer, whenever she hears the dryer door, she comes running. At first she would wait patiently until I would cover her with the clean clothes, then she figured out that she could sit in the laundry basket and be carried over to the couch in it. And now, she's discovered that the quickest route to almighty Hot Laundry is to jump straight into the dryer as soon as I open the door.

This is my dog. She's strange and needy and awesome.

Unrelated: My RL best friend just started blogging. Stop by and say Hi.


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