Monday, January 4, 2010


So, it's 2010. And I'm not very awesome.

In the months leading up to the holidays, Mike and I let ourselves go, in terms of really trying to be productive members of society. Our house was messier than usual, we were ordering Jimmy Johns more often than necessary, we were procrastinating and lazy. But, it was OK because we were all "We'll get it together in 2010!! New year, new start!!"

Well, 2010 is here, and WOW! I am lazier than ever. Getting out of bed this morning was AWFUL, my laundry remains undone, the office (the one I've been painting) is still a disaster, my car is a mess, I haven't properly grocery shopped (pizza for dinner tonight!), and I can't even entertain the notion of going to the gym.

So far, 2010 has been lackluster (we're only 4 days in, but STILL).
Mike's grandpa's death changed the holidays a lot this year, so we weren't really able to get into a positive mindset, I've had some real-life friend drama (not drama that involves me directly, which is nice), my work-wife gave her two weeks notice, and I just feel unprepared to get a fresh start.

Excuses, excuses, Ashley.
Yeah, well, I'm good at excuses.

Mike and I have dubbed this week "Fail Week", wherein we are giving ourselves one more week to suck, and mentally prepare to not suck.

Throughout the week we're going to start putting together a list of actual resolutions, and healthy habits that we want to adopt.
- We need to reevaluate how we spend and keep track of money (we had a HUGE lapse in banking and overdrew...a lot), and what our budget looks like.
- We need to figure out how we are going to change our eating habits and when we are going to carve out time for exercise.
- We need to prioritize our house projects, and determine how we want to spend our imaginary $8,000 we will (hopefully) get for purchasing our first home.
- We need to work more on divvying up household duties, and I need to relax if Mike doesn't clean the kitchen the way I would clean it.
- We need to make sure to pay special attention to Mike's family, and make sure we attend more of his siblings' sporting events than we miss.
- I need to be better at corresponding, and being active with 20sb.

In other news
- Like I said, Christmas was a success. NYE was a success...we had people over and it seemed like everyone had a good time.

I returned my fancy future-phone (The Droid). I loved it for 3 days, but eventually I started to freak out every time a new Tweet or email or Facebook notification came through. I've NEVER been that connected before, and I realized that I do cherish the fact that I can come home, put my phone down and not look at it again for the rest of the night. Plus, this damn bill was OUTRAGEOUS and I am not ready to pay those fees.

I've missed you guys. I'm still catching up on emails - Emily, Melina, Mandy, I'm looking at you (I've got no excuse for my terrible correspondence skills...but I'm working on it!)


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