Tuesday, January 12, 2010


I'm a mess.

Remember last week, when I said that last week was suck week? Well, it seems like I am stuck in a suck-vortex and I can't get out.

Sometimes, I am really motivated to change my life, start crafting and cooking and running. But, right now? I am motivated to watch Intervention, eat peanut M&Ms in bed and go to sleep at 8:30pm. Not AWESOME.

How am I today!?
Today, I am wearing my salt-covered slippers to work. Today! I am totally overwhelmed by the TONS of things I have to do, both at work and home. Today, I am dreading going home because that means I have to make dinner, and look at my gross piles of laundry and dishes. Today I am embarrassed by the state of my car, and desperately hoping that no one wants a ride to lunch. Today, I am accepting my status as OFF THE WAGON when it comes to smoking, but I refuse to buy cigarettes. Today...I am unmotivated, and I think my ambition is broken.

I'm still in a good mood, though. Still lighthearted, still feeling good - but oh. my. god. I am pathetic.

Oddly enough, this feels weird to me. Usually, I am all about reading blogs, seeing what other people are doing and saying to myself "I gotta get into that! I need to get me a piece of Awesome Pie!" And then I start making lists, and plans. But something snapped, and none of it appeals to me. I'm not even tired of, or fed up with what's going on.

It's weird, you guys. I don't know what's going on. Maybe my ambition/motivation/desire to change is hibernating. I can't say I blame it.


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