Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Things and Things

This weekend, I...
* Stayed at the strip club until 3am.
* Played Flippy Cup on team Flipadelphia
* Stayed out until 2:30am at High School Party 2010, where I also laughed until my stomach hurt.
* Cried a lot because I had to put my 19 y/o cat to sleep.
* Cried some more because I was overtired and unprepared for Monday.

Yesterday, I...
* Speed cleaned the house, and now it looks bunches better.
* Sent a card to my new pen-pal. Anyone else want to be snail-mail-pals?
* Paid my mortgage.
* Got excited about putting new floors in the house.
* Decided I was a Junior Green Thumb.

Today, I...
* Am wearing my hobo outfit. It is very unflattering.
* Discovered that my car learned a new trick - it changes radio stations randomly.

I am excited about...
* My plant cuttings sprouting roots!
* My Amaryllis blooming.
* My tax return, and all the things I can do with it.
* Going to bed tonight.

I am currently in love with...
* Houseplants.
* Change.
* Mike.
* The thought of moving far away (not going to happen).


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