Thursday, June 3, 2010

Unexpected rage?

So, I tried to start this heartfelt post about having kids and my desire to (someday) be a mom, and then I had this insane outburst of rage because it came out sounding like garbage. It is now saved in the abyss I call my "drafts" and will probably never be looked at again.

I'm tired. Of life. Of my lack of motivation. Of my lack of funds.
Of my bitching - HA!

I don't know which direction to travel, but I know I need to start heading somewhere. I feel like I'm growing barnacles.
I think if I were just able to cross a few things off my to-do list I would feel better. I always feel better when my to-dos are to-done.

I'm out of touch with people, and bummed about it. My 25th birthday is coming up, so maybe I'll take a page from Emily's book and make a manageable list (since my 101 list is going SO WELL :sarcasm:) of things I need to do FOR ME.

Wow, I am wallowing today! Yikes bikes.
I think it's because I'm wearing an ugly outfit.
And I forgot to go to the bank, and I'm still hungry.


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