Friday, August 7, 2009

101 Things in 1001 Days

START DATE: Saturday, May 30, 2009
END DATE: Saturday, February 25, 2012
(>> EDIT: I've moved my date backwards - because I started accomplishing things before I actually published the list on the blog.)

Day Zero Project
There's an awesome Ning site

Items in bold are complete
Items in italics are in progress

1. Start an etsy shop.
2. Have a working knowledge of Photoshop.
3. Buy a home.
4. Find a job I love.
5. Own a piece of designer clothing.
6. Travel internationally.
7. Grow my hair long enough to donate to Locks of Love. Fail. I'm an asshole.
8. ...Then cut my hair like this:

OR this:

9. Run a 10K.
10. Frame and hang some of Mike's artwork.
11. Build a compost bin, and use it daily.
12. Plant a vegetable, herb and flower garden.
13. Teach myself Amigurumi, and make animals as birthday gifts for a whole year - sending them with beautiful cards and pretty packaging.
14. Host 3 (or more) full dinner parties. Complete with invitations, linens, signature cocktails, centerpieces and multiple course mealshome made food. (2/3 - Kentucky Derby Party 5/1/10, Kentucky Derby Party 5/7/11)
15. Buy Rosetta Stone in preparation to learn Japanese or Spanish
16. Invest in a really good camera
17. Join swap-bot, and participate in 10 swaps. (0/10)
18. Volunteer 5 times. (1/5)
19. Contribute regularly to a 401K.
20. Acquire a taste for wine.
21. Play the flute again...regularly. Either by taking lessons, or reteaching myself.
>> EDIT: I really have no desire to do this. Whatsoever. See new #21 below
21. Get Mike guitar lessons
22. Visit the main Chicago Museums (Field Museum, Museum of Science and Industry, Art Institute of Chicago, Museum of Contemporary Art, Adler Planetarium, Shedd Aquarium) at least once.
23. Take a road trip with Mike along Rte. 66, from Chicago to Los Angeles, camping along the way.
24. Buy my own domain name and have a bitchin' working site.
25. Attend a sporting event for these Chicago teams: Chicago Bulls, Chicago Bears, Chicago Cubs, Chicago Blackhawks, Chicago Wolves, and The Windy City Rollers
>> EDIT: Attend a Chicago sporting event
26. Blog 3+ times a week...more as time goes on.
27. Spend a month doing yoga 5x a week. Either with a DVD or in a studio.
28. Find a dermatologist and have a base head-to-toe skin appraisal. Keep track of my moles.
29. Adopt a second dog.
30. Send one postcard, letter or greeting card per week for 3 months, making sure to switch up the recipient. (0/12)
31. Finish 5 sewing projects with my sewing machine. (4/5; living room drapes, Mike's Blancho, Brittany's Blancho, Brittany's classroom monster)
32. Purchase a KitchenAid stand mixer.
33. Make a "30 Days of Recipes" book that consists of Mike and my 30 favorite recipes.
34. Paint my kitchen table white...and maybe add designs?
>> EDIT: Refinish my kitchen table, possibly not white.
35. Subscribe to a Community Supported Agriculture delivery service.
36. Convert entirely to reusable grocery bags.
37. Give handmade keepsake gifts to soon-to-be-married friends.
38. Build a bookshelf with Mike.
39. Learn to embroider, and create a wall hanging.
40. Go camping.
41. Attend a beer tasting. (9/5/10 - Goose Island Brewery)
42. Attend a wine tasting.
43. Go to the Bristol Renaissance Faire
44. Start a Flikr account, and keep up with it.
45. Make 5 pieces of jewelry to give as gifts. (0/5)
46. Host a giveaway on my blog.
47. Go to an event at the Arlington Racetrack.
48. Restore our savings account to the pre-house level.
49. Create and bury a time capsule.
50. Watch 10 CLASSIC movies. (0/10)
51. Dye my hair brown.
52. Finish my pre-wedding scrapbook.
53. Scrapbook the wedding.
54. Scrapbook the honeymoon.
55. Legally change my name.
56. Learn canning and spend a summer making jams, jellies, pickles and preserving produce.
57. Pay off my credit card, and do not exceed $1000 in charges.
58. Go on monthly dates with Mike - complete with getting dolled up, and planning in advance.
59. Sew myself a wiggle dress.
60. Organize my recipes as I make them.
61. Knit a big, fat, merino wool neckwarmer.
62. Complete Mike's Blancho, and make a brown one for Cam.
63. Know enough about html to feel comfortable including it on my resume.
64. Visit Cam in San Diego. (4/28 - 5/3)
65. Spend a month running 5x a week. See if I get addicted.
66. Try Indian food.
67. See a burlesque show.
68. Earn 50 followers on my blog.
69. Attend a blogger meetup. Either a Chicago blogger, Blogher, or 20sb meetup. Anything, really. (Labor Day weekend 2010 - Meetup with Britt and Emily)
70. Randomly send flowers to a loved one three times.
71. Go horseback riding. Even if it's just on a guided trail.
72. Start and finish a handwritten journal.
73. Become ELITE on
74. Finally get that Harry Potter tattoo I've been dreaming about. (7/15/11 - day the very last movie came out)
75. Get a drink at The Violet Hour, and try not to look like an asshole.
76. Teach Maddie to walk on a leash like a polite dogger, and not like a beast on acid.
77. See Josh Ritter in concert.
>> EDIT: See a concert...though preferably Josh Ritter (Saturday, Sept. 18th 2010 - Jason Mraz and Dave Matthews at Wrigley Field)
78. Read 100 books. (28/100)
*****Dead Until Dawn; Living Dead in Dallas; Club Dead; Dead to the World; Dead as a Doornail; Definitely Dead; All Together Dead; From Dead to Worse; Dead and Gone; Geek Love; New Moon; A Million Little Pieces; The Lost Symbol; Up in the Air, Precious, Dead in the Family, Middlesex, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Look Me in the Eye, The Year of the Flood, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone, Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, Hunger Games, Catching Fire, Mockingjay, The Help, Dead Reckoning, Valley of the Dolls
79. Get a library card and use it.
80. Write a really honest and soul-baring blog post.
81. Make a big to-do over our 1 year anniversary. Stay in a hotel, wear suits and dresses, have a fancy meal. The works.
82. Decide what I want to do with my wedding dress - and get it done. Dry cleaned and preserved? Dyed and altered? Leave it in the garment bag?
83. Go to the shooting range.
84. Upload pictures and music to an external hard drive.
85. Rekindle friendships with two people. (0/2)
86. Get a facial.
87. Complete the 30 Day Shred, and get Mike to do it with me. Admire results. (0/30)
88. Stay up allllllll night. Watch the sunrise.
89. Make a new friend who I actually socialize with in the real world, one-on-one.
90. Donate blood, and don't pass out.
>> EDIT: I may not be able to do this...I've gotten a tattoo too recently, and it needs to be fixed.
91. Play video games with Mike 30 times. (10/30; Rock Band, Borderlands, New Super Mario, ilo milo, Little Big Planet)
92. Enroll in school to become a teacher or advisor, or librarian
93. Learn a new vocabulary word every day for a month. (0/30)
94. Learn to make my mom's pasta sauce.
95. Get a safe deposit box...or a safe for our house.
96. See The Nutcracker.
97. Make a pie and a bread from scratch. (0/2)
98. Quit smoking...forever. And ever.
99. Get my groove back
100. Donate $5 to saving for every incomplete item at the end of the 1001 days
101. Finish my next list.


  1. Great List!
    Good luck

    you should join us at
    It's a new worldwide cultural item exchange network.

    It would be great to add to a 101 list

  2. See Josh Ritter in concert could also be on my list! Hope it would be great! All the best, Adèle

  3. Great list so far! If you're searching for more ideas to add to your list, I found that looking at other people's lists was extremely helpful. A fellow 101er and I started a community for people participating in the day zero project - that would be a great way to connect with other people. You can find it here. We'd love to have you join us.


  4. Great list!! What HP tattoo are you wanting? I can see myself getting one in the future :)

    Thanks for joining Day Zero List Makers! I'm looking forward to following your journey :)


  5. I found this today:

    ...and immediately thought of your list.

  6. sweet list. we have a lot of the same items



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