Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Always, Sometimes, Never

I always...
* dream about my future-house.
* hit the snooze button. I need those 10 minutes.
* wear a scarf, regardless of the weather. It's an accessory.
* have a bottle of water and chapstick with me.
* get excited when Mike comes home.

I sometimes...
* want to quit my job, cut off my hair and move to Oregon.
* get too excited about gossip.
* idealize other people's lives. Then I take a minute and realize my own is pretty good.
* wear slippers at work.
* wish for Winter. And in Winter, I sometimes wish for Summer. The grass is always greener.

I never...
* arrive on time to a casual event. Important events, however, I am early.
* feel totally put together.
* wear any jewelry beyond my wedding rings.
* leave Target without buying something. I love Target. A lot.
* thought I would be the kinda girl who loves shoes...but, here I am.

(Thanks to wishcake for the idea!)

1 comment:

  1. Cute pic!
    I am the same way about wishing it was winter when it's summer. This summer has been so mild that I haven't done much wishing.



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