Monday, August 24, 2009

Wedding Pictures

Our wedding pictures came in.

And they're badass.

And these are just from the first disk.

Unrelated, but still necessary - I need new music, any suggestions?
I haven't bought or uploaded anything in SO long.
My tastes are eclectic.
Jason Mraz, Wilco, Josh Ritter, The Shins, Fiest, Imogen Heap, Sufjan Stevens, Lynn O'Brien (for real, click on that link), Rachel Yamagata, Regina Spektor



  1. The pictures are beautiful!!

    Have you listened to She & Him or the Dodos?

  2. Well, firstly get the new Imogen Heap album if you don't already have it:

    Secondly, I was going to list a bunch of stuff here for you but then I thought "Hey! Let's make this an open discussion on Day Zero List Makers" so...

  3. Beautiful pictures!

    Music: Azure Ray, Zee Avi, Iron & Wine, Fiona Apple.



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