Thursday, August 27, 2009

Buying a house

Things I've learned while buying a house:

1) When you think you have enough saved up for a down payment - save $5,000 more. Closing costs are more than you think.

2) Don't account for money given as a gift, unless you have the check in hand.

Whelp, that's about it.


In other news, buying this house has made me breakout like I'm pre-pubescent all over again. Gross. Thanks, Stress. I owe you.

Mike and I are ridiculously poor for the time being. BARF. But hey, we're gonna have a house. We'll be eating generic brand rice and beans, and invite our friends over for BYOR parties (Bring Your Own Ramen). We'll supply the microwave - BECAUSE WE WON'T HAVE A STOVE ON WHICH TO BOIL WATER.

That's right - our house has no appliances! We'll get due time.

I'm losing my mind.


  1. Rent-to-own home is another good option in purchasing a house especially if your funds is not that sufficient for a downpayment and monthly mortgage. Just be open with the seller on some conditions on your contract so that both will have the advantage on the set-up.

  2. So did you close and all that good stuff?? We're STILL waiting to hear from the bank.

    You always have the $8,000 tax credit to use on appliances. We just need a frigde, microwave, washer and dryer, and maybe a dishwasher.

  3. You could get some appliances on payment plans? I'm not sure because I've never bought appliances, but I'm assuming you can. Otherwise it's still very exciting to be in your own place!

  4. Congrats again on the new place!!

  5. Oh wow - you totally just gave me an idea for a blog post! There are sooooooo many things you learn when buying your first house - and the whole money thing is just one! :(

    Enjoy the new house though, once you get settled in you'll start enjoying the plusses of home ownership (instead of just the cons!) :)

  6. Oh man...I can totally sympathize. We were here back in January when we bought our house. It was my first buying experience, his second...and it was way stressful. When we moved in not only did we not have a stove, but we did not have a kitchen sink. We cooked out of the bathroom for a month while we tiled the kitchen floor. It was horrible. But, on the plus side, we weren't living in my in-laws' basement anymore, and we were homeowners!



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