Tuesday, August 18, 2009

22. Visit the main Chicago Museums (Museum of Science and Industry)

(image via msichicago.com - actual movie props!)

On 7/18/09, Mike and I went to the Museum of Science and Industry...specifically to see the Harry Potter exhibit, unfortunately we could not take pictures in the exhibit, so this stock image will have to do.

Because I am a rabid Harry Potter fan, clearly we had to make this a Harry Potter Day and get tickets to the new movie, in addition to our long day at the museum. Our day started at 11am, when we left the suburbs, and didn't end until 10pm, when the movie ended and we headed home.

The exhibit was kickass - they had props from all of the movies, including actual outfits Harry, Rom and Hermione wore (OMFG! They were sooooo tiny.), a replica of Hagrid's cabin, a mini Quidditch setup. It was kind of awesome, albeit crowded. Very crowded. But, that's what we get for going on a Saturday afternoon.

Once we were done in the exhibit, we had the rest of the day to meader around the actual museum, and we were less than impressed, unfortunately. The museum seems really...dated? The exhibits are in need of some updating, specifically the automotive display.

Beyond all that, I am a Harry Potter trivia wiz. Except for one question, where a small boy bested me. (Q: What spell does Prof. McGonnagall use to change a rat into a teacup? A: Fera Verto).

Gah! Curses.

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  1. Ahh I'm so jealous! The day I went to the museum we couldn't get into the exhibit :(

    I'm trying to plan a trip back up ASAP so I can see it before it ends.



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