Friday, August 7, 2009

Fitness Friday

On Friday, July 31, I decided that I was tired of being shapes. And I went for a run. I'm planning to continue to run, and get into a more defined shape, to lose my unnecessary wobbles, and to make it so I can run up the stairs without wanting to die.

Starting today, I'm going to use Fridays to force me to be accountable for my progress. I invite you to join me, if you are so inclined (and if you aren't that's cool too!). My intentions aren't to be super svelte (but that's a pretty awesome bonus), or to go exercise-insane, but I lead a very sedentary lifestyle, and I need to actively combat it.

Here's my week so far
Friday 7/31: Ran 1 mile
Saturday 8/1: oops
Sunday 8/2: Ran 1 mile
Monday 8/3: Ran 1 mile
Tuesday 8/4: Ran 1 mile
Wednesday 8/5: oops
Thursday 8/6: Ran 1.3 miles
Today (Friday 8/7) I am PLANNING to run 1.3 miles, but I won't count it until I've actually done it.

This doubles over into my 101 Things in 1001 Days resolution (#65 Spend a month running 5x a week. See if I get addicted.)

I haven't finished or posted my list yet, and I think I have like 15 left to fill out, but I'm blocked. I've got nothing. I think I'm going to post it regardless. Screw it. That's what I'm doing. I'll post it today, and fill it in as I figure it out. It's to my detriment, because I have less time to accomplish the things I add.

As I type this fitness post, all I can think about is a Burger King Whopper



  1. Mmmm, I love Whoppers, but I hate running. I try to do other exercise though. I belong to a gym so I try to take different classes to motivate me to go.

  2. Have you heard of It allows you to track your runs (or walks or bike rides or whatever you decide to do). I don't have any running goals on my list (sadly) but I am working toward running a 5k, and I've been loving dailymile. You can see my page here. :)


  3. I love this idea of Fitness Fridays! I may have to steal this :)

    I'm also on DailyMile. You can find me here :)



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