Wednesday, August 12, 2009


I'm not a huge blog, but I feel like I should do whatever I can to support LGBTQ rights, so I am going to repost a blog from Rachel at mominreallife

Support her cause!

This is the most important post I have ever written.
I am asking for your help.
I need the help of my regulars, my lurkers, my scanners, my haters.
I need you to help me spread the word.

As many of you know I am heavily involved in the March on DC for LGBTQ equal federal rights. I am involved in the Chicago chapter of Join The Impact, but this March goes further than the borders of Chicagoland. There are LGBTQ needing help, needing support all over the country. This March is for them.

We are not marching for gay marriage, we are not marching to hate on the Bible, we are marching to get federal rights for all of America's citizens. We are marching so that a person who fights and risks their lives for their country should be able to carry a picture of their partner in the uniform. We are marching so that when a gay man gets beaten and tied to a fence post to die it is considered a hate crime. We are marching so that a good teacher will not lose her job because she loves another woman. We are marching so that a senior citizen can honor the wishes of their partner of 50 years when they get seriously ill and be allowed to stay by their bedside to provide comfort.

Cleve Jones is hoping to have every district in the country represented at Washington DC. To do that we need to get people there. How can you help?

*if you live in the Chicago area or are willing to travel to Chicago you can join me! For $100 (given to JTI Chicago) you can get on a bus Saturday night, march on DC Sunday, be back home early Monday morning. I'm going! We can watch movies, talk, take a million pictures, do some good! What a way to start your fall!

*if you can't make it but want to help you can donate! See that beautiful yellow paypal button? For the price of a beer or a coffee you can help someone that can't afford to go, someone that desperately needs to find some support. This money is NOT for me, all money will go to JTI Chicago which they put towards getting people on buses.

*if you can't spare the funds you can help spread the word! Post this post on your blog. Reference this if you write a post in your own words. Link to it. Tweet about it (#mominreallifefundraiser). Tumblr it. Facebook it. Digg or Reddit it. I don't care what, just keep it going. Be honest, how much work does it take? Let those know out there that you want to help!

Help me help them.



Since writing this she has gotten the attention of the RedEye through a Twitter "attack" campaign, and is now looking to get the attention of Ellen Degeneres the same way. Head over to her blog to read the post

While you're at it, go on Twitter, an tweet this:
Hey @theellenshow! @mominreallife needs your help for her LGBTQ cause! #Rachelwantstotalktoyou

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  1. Love this & love you! Thank you SO much for your help!



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