Wednesday, August 12, 2009


On Friday Mike and I saw Julie and Julia, and I was...disappointed. I still can't really figure out what was such a letdown, but I left feeling hollow.

However, let me rave for a moment about Meryl Streep, and omg-howmuchilove her. She could pretty much murder puppies onscreen and I would be able to compliment how she committed!! to the role. Aside from being a fan-girl, she really is an amazing actress, and she was a lovable Julia Child.

I didn't like Amy Adams' character. She embodied the "Me, Me, ME!" aspect of blogging that I've been struggling with lately, and in the movie her husband totally called her out on it. Mike and I had a long conversation about it on Saturday morning, and I realized that my blog needs to be a resource before I can expect people to be actually interested in what I have to say. I mean, why would a bunch of strangers want to read about my life? It's not very spectacular at the moment, and I'm generally pretty drama free - so there's not even a good story or saga.

Herein lies my problem! I'm not a chef, or a foodie, hell...I don't even have my own kitchen to cook in - so being a food blogger is out. I'm no photographer! I don't have kids, so blogging about parenthood isn't an option. I don't have the space to be crafty, or refinish furniture, or decorate - so that's a no.

Where does this leave me? Nowhere.

I guess I'll just keep plugging along, trying to find my niche in the blog world, just like I keep trying to find my niche in the real world.

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  1. Don't you worry! You don't even need reasons to start blogs nowadays. I started mine completely because I graduated college 3 years ago and STILL don't have a proper career, and I change my mind every day as to what I'd like to do with my life. I figured if I wrote about things, perhaps it would steer in a certain path and help me out... I'm 100 posts in and still have no idea! But, like Julie in the movie, I have to say that it does give me a bit of responsibility, a daily project. Which is helping moreso than words can say.
    Just keep going! Your *purpose* may come to you so clearly one day...



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