Monday, August 24, 2009


Holy crap.
I'm going totally stir crazy.

I feel completely trapped by my commute and by my living situation.

We're living with my parents. So there's no space!
My commute is 2ish hours. So there's no time!

No space for organizing, or sewing, or storing.
No time for exercise, for crafts, for cooking, for blogging.

I'm completely losing my grip.

On days like today, I research the internet for jobs in Thailand. Or Teaching Fellowships in under served schools in inner city Chicago. Or AmeriCorps programs in Oregon.

I realize that the end of our housing situation is in sight, and that September 23rd isn't that far away. But...UGH. Dumb.

I'm irrational, and mad and I'm going to stomp around here for a little while until I tire myself out. Because this is STUPID. And the forclosure bank is UGLY. And I hate EVERYTHING.


  1. Sept 23 is less than a month away :)

  2. Woo, let it all out!

    I was actually going to commute to graduate school, but at 2 hours per day five days a week I just couldn't do it, for many of the same reasons why your commute is driving you crazy. So I moved.

    But don't let everything drag you down for too long. Things will start looking up soon. :)


  3. Yeah, that's definitely a rough commute. Are you making enough money to justify staying there or could you work somewhere closer to home?



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