Monday, August 31, 2009

More house...

I wish I had a million dollars.

That way I could get in shape, make crafty tidbits, and go back to school to become a teacher.
Unfortunately, we did not win the lottery on Saturday, even though we bought 5, here I am.

The house saga drags on and on and on.
First we needed an inspection, so we scheduled it. Then we found out that the bank hadn't turned on the water, so we had to cancel. Then we found out that the water wasn't on because there was an unpaid bill. So the bank paid the bill, but THEN found out that the water meter was broken. So the bank fixed the water meter, but THEN they found out that there was a cracked pipe leading up to the house - so now we're waiting for them to fix that.

Once that's fixed, we have to get written confirmation from the bank that ALL the utilities are turned on.

Le sigh. We're getting nervous because our closing date is quickly approaching. But, at this point we've done all we can do, and it's up to the bank to get the rest taken care of.

I haven't gotten excited about this yet. Partially because I'm the one that does our finances, so I see how expensive it is, and it's terrifying. But, partially because we do still have a ways to go.

I don't think I'll be excited until I have the keys in my hand, and Mike and I are INSIDE the house.


  1. Best of luck to you! I hope everything goes smoothly. :)


  2. Best of luck! It's scary, but I'm sure it will be exciting soon.

  3. I've always dreamt about the day I have my own house, but know that the process can burn anyone out. I haven't been through it, so I have no real advice... But I suppose looking at the bright side is what I can give - sad as it is, in this economy more people are losing a house rather than gaining, so count your blessings!
    And in response to your entry a few days ago... I have been living with my parents (and brother, and sister) for several months now! And have absolutely no space to call my own besides a tiny bedroom and a few kitchen cabinets of my own supplies, the rest of my furniture and books and art supplies are tucked away in storage... After living a thousand miles away from them for 6 years on my own, I can Completely understand losing your head!

  4. *pat pat* It will be ok Ashley... I have never owned my OWN house. So all the advice that you are writing will definitely help me!

    Keep chin up and hang in there!!



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